Bioguard Acoustic Mineral Fibre Tile

Bioguard Mineral tiles ideal for doctors rooms, hospitals

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Bioguard acoustic is a wet-formed mineral fibre tile with durable acoustically transparent membrane with factory-applied latex paint. The edges are sealed for improved clean room performance.  Anti-microbial performance to assist with infection control, clean room performance.  Durable, washable, soil resistant, water repellent face with ‘Vacuum paint – hard edge ‘ treatment.  Total Acoustics performance (NRC +CAC) – High sound absorptions for reduced reverberation and quieter spaces – high sounds attenuation, improving room to room privacy.  High light reflective finish, appealing smooth surface.

Available In:
RH Rating: 99 Humidity Resistant
NRC Rating:
600x600x19mm (Square lay-in & angled Tegular)
1200x600x19mm (Square lay-in & angled Tegular)