CSR Back Blocking

Back Blocking Cement

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CSR Back-Blocking Cement is a simple and convenient way to adhere supporting back-block strips behind joints in plasterboard sheets where there is no framing to fix to. Back-blocks are plasterboard off-cuts at least 200mm wide and long enough to fit between the framing members.  It is specially formulated to offer excellent adhesion properties and to minimise the risk of joint cracking or distortion.  Supplied as a dry powder and is easy to mix and apply by hand using a notched trowel. It has a 2 hour working life once mixed.  Back-Blocking Cement is used to adhere back-blocks to strengthen joints where there is no framing to fix to. It is typically used in butt and recessed joints in ceilings and walls.

Available In:
Bag Size: 20 kg
Pallet Qty: 56 or sold individually