19mm Dune Sec Look Mineral Fibre Tile

    Dune Sec Mineral Fibre Tile is perfect for Offices, Education, Healthcare, Retail, Libraries
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19mm Dune Second Look (2712AMEX) mineral fibre tiles are wet-formed mineral fibre with factory-applied acrylic latex paint with painted “BioBlock’ and”Mould/mildew inhibitor.  Non-directional visual reduces installation time and scrap.  Upgrade look at a modest price – appealing fine texture surface.  High light reflectance
Good sound absorption.  Scratch-resistance.  Ceilings qualify for green star points according to Ecospecifier. Sustainable – Green star contribution

Product Code: BMINTILE-2712AMEX

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RH Rating: RH99 Humidity resistant
NRC Rating: 0.50
Size: 1200x600x19mm (Square lay-in & angled Tegular)
Ctn Qty: 8