EzyJamb Singe Rebate – SRC

EzyJamb Single Rebate – SRC

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Give your project a clean-cut architrave free edge with the EzyJamb Single Rebate door frame (SRC). This one-piece frameless door jamb is made custom to perfectly suit your wall thickness for a flush finish.
The premium design of the EzyJamb SRC provides a smooth transition from one side of the door jamb allowing a minimalistic sophistication in apartments, homes and commercial buildings.

Rebated on only one side of the door stop, to allow the door to be installed flush with the side of the wall that houses the hinges.
Wraps the plasterboard during framing to conceal fixings and incorporate the door into the wall face.  Made from the renowned BlueScope Steel.  Simple to install and meets the finished surfaces standard AS/NZS 2311:2009 to ensure they can be painted immediately.  Complemented by RocYork Hinges that are designed and tested to withstand heavy traffic flow.
Available in full height or custom heights and widths.