Fuller Trade Gap Filler

Fuller Trade Gap Filler is a premium quality general purpose acrylic based gap filler

Surface Application

Ensure substrate surfaces are clean, sound, dry and free of oil, grease and surface contaminants such as dust, loose particles, release agents, silicone and water repellents. Ideally surfaces should be dry sealant will adhere to slightly damp surfaces, but avoid wet surfaces. Areas adjacent to joints may be masked to provide a neat finish. Masking should be removed immediately after tooling

Application Method

Apply Fuller Trade Gap Filler in ambient conditions between 5°C and 35°C. Higher temperatures should be avoided to prevent the possibility bubbling of the sealant due to rapid moisture evaporation. Do not apply below 5°C. Fill joint with caulking gun, then tool off with a spatula and clean off excess with a damp cloth. Protect from water for atleast 48 hours until a suitable skin has cured (will require significantly longer at temperatures below 15°C). Some shrinkage is normal during curing, and should be anticipated when applying Fuller Trade Gap Filler

Cure Time

The cure time of Fuller Trade Gap Filler is temperature and humidity dependent, and also varies with thickness of application. In the summer months full cure may be achieve in two days. In winter it may take more than seven days for Fuller Trade Gap Filler to dry. Fuller Trade Gap Filler is rain resistant after 48 hours